Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Long Reckoning

From Opium Wars to Currency Wars.

What do you do when uppity natives won’t buy your goods?

Keep pushing opium at their population until they become addicts and start coughing up the dough you need?

Threaten them with a gunboat?

Sadly can’t be done in these days of political correctness. Besides which, they have more blood and treasure than we do.

Send your best Hong and his gang wearing poppy flowers, just to remind the Yellow Peril who’s boss? Flood your economy with quantitative easing, and then administer a stiff warning to the blighters for the 'tidal wave of money'?

Or how about a cap on their exports? Not at all protectionist.

No? Oh well, back to the drawing board. Let’s just hope they don’t cut up rough and hold it all against us, eh?

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