Thursday, 18 November 2010

Feeling a Bit Peaky

Type peak oil into Google search and you’ll get the following drop-down list:

Peak oil news
Peak oil debunked
Peal oil myth
Peak oil theory
Peak oil

So there’s obviously plenty of people still out there in denial of resource depletion, clinging resolutely to their cosy blanket even as it is shrinking and disintegrating.

Not the guys at The Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security though - what a bunch of hippies!

Here’s 3 minutes of Philip Dilley, Chairman of Arup, at the introduction to the Peak Oil Task Force launch earlier this year.  Now “The Taskforce warns that more urgent action is needed from Government to address the threat of peak oil following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. It urges the UK Coalition Government to take action to reduce the impact of the oil crunch by 2015.” They have brought out a new briefing note about the implications of deep-water drilling for oil now that we are, supposedly, getting towards the end of easily and cheaply available supplies.

But I'm sure they're just imagining it, so don't worry.

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