Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Why are children in comfortable suburbs getting rickets?

Simple: their parents, despite having plenty of money, and no doubt decades of “education” funded at public expense behind them, are still ignorant about the basics of life.

They are ignorant about what is a healthy diet.

They are ignorant as to what is healthy behaviour.

1998 - 2008 - today - always the same story.

Muesli-belt Mummies, government interventionists and health fascists -



  1. Health experts have spent years terrorising parents and others responsible for kids into excessive fear of sunlight - why wouldn't young mums believe the 'experts'? Why wouldn't young parents believe anyone who has the title 'Dr'?

    One decade we're told something is terrible, next decade we're told it's desirable.

    Any wonder some of are deeply sceptical of all the climate change schtick?

  2. No one had to tell me to cover up. I learnt the hard way, with 3 inch blisters and sheets of skin peel. There is a difference between "sunlight" and "sunburn".

  3. BTW Beer is a very good source of Vitamin D!

  4. Judith - well, I find that my common sense, such as it is, tends to guide me through. "Experts" could tie me to a chair and play me tapes saying "sunlight / fat / sex / life will kill you" and I still wouldn't believe that.

    You could actually use your argument on anything that any authority says - you're not one of these 'ere epistemological relativists are you?

    Weggis - is there anything that beer's not good for, or do you mean B?