Thursday, 13 September 2012

Evangelical Black Ops

Don’t tell me this drivel cost $5 million. Every single thing about this piece of crap - and its originator - is dodgy, and it has resulted in the deaths of several people already, with no doubt more to follow, including in Benghazi, the first serving US Ambassador to die in office since Arnold Raphel, in Pakistan, 1988. Curiously enough, Raphel was “killed along with Pakistani President Zia ul-Haq and Brigadier General Herbert M. Wassom when their plane mysteriously crashed shortly after takeoff from Bahawalpur.”

So in Libya the inevitable bloody chickens are coming home to roost on yet another episode of insane US ideological adventurism stirring trouble in Arab countries and attempting to enforce their political system on others. Will it make them think again on their involvement in helping Islamists (once again, their purported enemies) in Syria? I doubt it, the Yanks really are that dumb!