Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ethics Ain’t Hip, Apparently

You may be used to losing out, being downgraded and passed over, simply because for ethical reasons you stubbornly refuse to drive a car or indulge in all that glamorous consumerism of convenience. But what is really ironic, is to realise that most so-called environmentalists and right ons are just as easily impressed by the jet-setting, car-driving and consumerist lifestyle as the normal people they often like to sneer at for being “conned”.

And so it seems that that is exactly how Mark Kennedy managed to gain the confidence of many in the activist community, as he burned around Europe doing the environment scene, maan …

“He was a very popular lad at the Sumac Centre …”

“That’s how I remember him – a cool guy with a flash car who dropped off this cool coffee. He got involved with helping anyone with transport, because he was ‘climate’ by trade.”

“Sometimes he’d have jobs on the side and would disappear, but because of the couriering you never really knew where he was. We were under the impression it was all black economy. He’d be like, “don’t worry - I’ll get you a drink next time I see you.” So he was seen as a bit of a geezer.”

Patrick Smith, Veggies, Nottingham, in LeftLion magazine.

So much for being cool!