Friday, 15 October 2010

Pixie Led Fun

Well today started out quite a normal sort of day until a multicoloured lady stopped and asked where I got my hat. “I made it” says me. Next thing I know I’m partaking of caffeinaceous liquor nearby, trying my hand at colouring in pencil drawings and swapping munchhausnissen.

Now anyone who has followed a few of my somewhat erratic online peregrinations over the last four or more years - and you know who you are - may intuit that I have a penchant for the eccentric and off-the-wall, so....

Coming away with several conte crayons and some pictures as well as an annotated biography of Gaudier Brzeska and a further invitation to one of the more magical parts of North Devon, life looks still more intensely multi-hued than before …


  1. Can we see the hat?
    You can tell a lot about a person from their hat.

  2. What are you, Sherlock Holmes?

    Doesn't it say more about me that I let myself be chatted up by strange women with peculiar tastes in literature?