Tuesday, 4 January 2011

End of the Free Ride for Motorists?

Residents parking schemes - where car-owners are asked to contribute just a little bit towards the cost of the road-space that they occupy - do still seem to be all too rare, if a quick google is any judge. The only ones I could find mention of were Westminster, Camden, Edinburgh and Seattle.

Well now Bristol has joined the sensible few removing some of the motoring subsidy, with the Kingsdown RPZ. And £30 pa does look like a very small rent for the ground area taken up by the average motor vehicle.

 As Niall comments drily on the Bristol Traffic blog:

"the RPZ streets are presently eerily empty of cars, whilst the neighboring non-RPZ streets have cars parked on the pavements, too close to junctions and on double yellows.

Not a particularly surprising outcome..."

Soon all the neighbours will want one!

Ht: Bristol Traffic

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