Wednesday, 7 March 2012

EU Carries On Up the Khyber

Horror, confusion, embarassment and hilarity broke out in abundant measure yesterday amongst EU functionaries, Kremlinologists and, well, basically anyone who saw it, when a new video promoting EU er 'Enlargement' (cough cough) inserted itself into the public discharge discourse, only to promptly uninsert itself as soon as the full extent of the gaffe became apparent.

The video, entitled "Growing Together" has fortunately been saved for posterity to laugh at (here).

The only types who did find the video's semiotics right up their alley were those who inhabit certain online bulletin boards for white nationalist activists. They, of course, gave it their enthusiastic seal of approval as an accurate portrayal of the position of poor harassed Europa today, beset as she is on all sides by alien hordes and assailants.

The Guardian has lots of brilliant comments on the debacle below the line, here.

The Third Foot and Mouth would be proud!

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