Monday, 9 January 2012

The War on Reason

The world is not worthy of words
they have been suffocated from the inside
as they suffocated you, as they tore apart your lungs...

Javier Sicilia

High Concept - Warfare Against the World - Based on Lies

Before the War on Terror we were shown a few pilots. Sure enough, the “War on Drugs” is still running 40 years on;  making fantastic profits for a few, but destroying the lives of millions of others and ransacking whole countries.  

In NAFTA member Mexico "The five-year conflict has not had a significant impact on the quantity of drugs sold by the cartels. This fiscal year, the amount of drugs coming from Mexico seized by US border agents increased by 48 percent. But the war has come at a terrible price to Mexicans, killing more than 45,000, displacing 230,000 and exposing the state's corruption and inability to protect its citizens."

6630507 - the Number of the Fleeced

US patent no. 6630507 "states unequivocally that cannabinoids are useful in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases including auto-immune disorders, stroke, trauma, Parkinson's, Alzeheimer's and HIV dementia. The patent, awarded in 2003, is based on research done by the National Institute of Health, and is assigned to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services."

"So, why is this important? Here is a legal document, in the public domain, which flies in the face of the US Government's stated position with regard to the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I substance having no "currently accepted medical use" ..."

Oh what a lot of cleaning up!

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