Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hokey Kokey Brighton and Hove

You put your cycle-lane in,
You take your cycle-lane out,
In, out, in, out,
Shake £2 million around …

The latest in the all too familiar saga of “must be seen to be doing something no matter how crap” traffic management by Authorities. In this case, Brighton and Hove is the guilty party, where the Tories had the largest number of councillors when the offending cycle lane was built not mujch more than two years ago.

And the cycle lane in question is not just any old cycle lane, oh no. BikeNews tells us that it “was completed in 2008 as the centrepiece of Brighton and Hove's successful bid to become a Cycle Demonstration Town, with £3m in government funding provided by Cycling England in the glory days of 2005. It is part of the infrastructure that won the Transport Authority of the Year award only last year”

“CTC and Bricycles, the local campaign group, are opposed to the plans. Both were also opposed to the original poor design of the bike lane, which is not built to Dutch-standards and, for many cyclists, has made cycling on this stretch of road even more dangerous than prior to the bike lane.” BikeBiz.

"Tony Green of Bricycle told road cc: “When instated, less than three years ago, the city council described this scheme as a state of the art Cycling Freeway, but now they think it is a blot on the landscape. The administration seems to have lost the plot and is behaving like a headless chicken.”"

Sho-called Shycling Shitties - among which Bristol seems to come a very poor place behind York - take note!

As if.

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